What is time management? Honestly, I’m still trying to figure that out for myself, as well, but in college it’s one of the most important skills you will be forced to learn if you haven’t already. College is a free-for-all. You can go to class or not. You can read the book or not. You can go to the gym or not. You can wake up and go to bed any time you want. Freedom is as abundant as hormones are on a college campus, but so is another thing- responsibility. You’re becoming an adult, which means the decisions you make you’re held accountable for them. Long story short, YOU schedule your entire life in college. Here are some tips of time management methods that have worked for me. Now, of course, each individual’s way of going about time management differs. I’ve found that these methods work much better for me than the ones that work for my friend. You’ll find out your time management style soon enough.
Sure, the mess in my room throughout the quarter is a different story, but I am super organized when it comes to writing down assignments, meetings, fun activities, etc. in a planner. During school, my planner is my life. With everything going on throughout the term, I can always look at my calendar for reminders because let’s face it… I’m NOT going to remember everything. By doing this, it actually helps me better plan out my day and subconsciously organizes my mind, as well. So write everything down! (unless you’re one of those people who remember everything. How I envy you) And by writing things down, you can then allocate how much time you will spend completing each task.
Sometimes being so organized makes you feel like you’re Super(wo)man, and that you can do anything. But you’ll find that things come up throughout the day that mess up your scheduling. So what to do?
1. Have 1 big goal that you want to accomplish today maybe 2 or 3 smaller tasks you want to complete.
1. 一个今天想要完成的大目标和两、三个想完成小目标。
2. Schedule in eating, social, sleep, RR, and extracurricular times into your schedule (they’re just as important parts in your life!)
2. 在计划中规划出吃喝、社交、睡觉、休养生息和课余时间。(他们也是你生活中很重要的部分!)
3. Don’t make empty promises. Meaning don’t say you’ll do something when you’re not even 100% sure you can.
3. 不要空许承诺。就是说当你不是百分百确定的时候不要说你会做这件事情。




I never wore a watch in high school, but in college I think it’s a must (unless you always check your phone). It’s just a great time manager reminder, and is so easily accessible. Plus, it can make an awesome fashion statement.
Trust me. It’s hard to not get lazy and resort to Netflix when the time management gets tough. But you have to push yourself and stick to it till it becomes habit, or else you’ll never get good at it. … Oh man, I should go now and probably listen to my own advice haha. Make time your friend. Not your enemy.